Welcome... here you'll find an index of my sewing projects, and a few other types of handwork (knitting, embroidery). My mom is an excellent seamstress, so I grew up with a basic knowledge of how to sew. I've always loved to design clothes, but I hated the sewing part -- that is, until summer 2005, when I tried drafting my own pattern for the first time. In the process, I became more familiar with sewing techniques and garment construction. As I sewed more and more, I began to enjoy it, and now I am quite addicted! In January 2006, some dear friends of mine, the Singers, gave me a brand new sewing machine. This has spurred my sewing efforts on to even greater heights!

I have always loved historical clothing, so many of my creations have a hint of the past about them. However, I am more concerned with making wearable garments -- not costumes or recreations -- so most of my projects reference another era, instead of recreating it. Lately, I have been trying to add more some casual, everyday dresses and skirts to my wardrobe, so that is another avenue of my sewing adventures. Thanks for taking a look at my gallery... I hope you are inspired!

Projects are loosely grouped by era.

Newest additions:
Cherubino's military uniform (3/4/09)
swing dress (1/5/09)
bridesmaids' dresses (1/5/09)
my wedding gown (1/5/09)
my wedding gown
1910s tea gown

graduation dress
navy and white dress
black formal dress

1930s "Victoria" dress
1930s slip
1931 suit
rose tea dress
Lord Peter vest
1930s walking skirt
cream Easter dress

swing dress
bustle-back skirt
cream pencil skirt
brown houndstooth vest & pencil skirt
green dress with lace collar
brown velvet skirt
glen check wool vest

dessert apron
"Laura Ashley" dress
retro apron

black sheath dress
retro silk jacket
swing jacket & sheath dress

70s wool skirt
Grecian dress

white Regency gown
Regency waistcoat
2005 Halloween gown

Everyday Clothes:
dotted swiss dress
yellow seersucker sundress
blue seersucker sundress
green seersucker sundress
sage green skirt
"Piccadilly" skirt
white "linen" skirt
pink pleated skirt
linen summer skirts
spring peasant top

For Others:
Cherubino's military uniform
bridesmaids' dresses
baby dress
Emily's apron
Mother's Day apron
floral jumper
Thayer's vest
Marta's dress

red wool hat
Ravenclaw scarf
Nathan's striped scarf
Laura's striped scarf
Laura's looong scarf
knitted beret

Laura's pillowcases
hope chest drying towels

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